Online Tailoring Services for Traditional Pattu Pavadai

A Pattu Pavadai (Langa Voni Telugu: లంగా ఓణీ, Pavadai Daavani Tamil: பாவாடை, Langa Davani Kannada: ಲಂಗ ದಾವಣಿ) is a traditional dress worn mainly in South India by young girls. It is also known as the two-piece saree or half saree. Younger girls wear this attire on special occasions such as Puja’s and Festivals.

It comprises a Langa or Pavadai, a skirt which is tied around the waist using string, and a Voni, Oni, or Davani, which is a cloth usually 2 to 2.5 metres in length. The voni is draped diagonally over a choli (a tight fitting blouse, same as worn for saree). Usually, the garment is woven with cotton or silk. A variant of this is the Gagra choli of North India (the difference between the two being the direction of draping the voni or dupatta). The modern day “lengha-style sari,” worn by Indians across the subcontinent mainly for special occasions, is inspired by the Langa Voni.

Coming of the ages, Epitome Stitches the Online tailoring service provider in Bangalore provides services to stitch a Pattu Pavadai from the age of 6 months to an teenager. We are very well equipped and experienced to stitch the traditional dress code for a Traditional South Indian Look in this Modern Era.

Few patterns of Pattu Pavadai :

Best and Unique Online Tailoring Services in Bangalore, India

Online Tailoring Services

Hiring or approaching the tailoring services has always been the utmost need of every individual these days. Each one of us prefers wearing perfectly made and stitched clothes. A perfectly fitting cloth is something that cannot be separated from a women, she really loves to wear them. It is something which would enhance your beauty and personality. These days it has become very difficult find a good online tailoring services provider but since Epitome Stitches is here you do not need to worry at all about getting perfect tailoring services. Though ready to wear clothes have gained popularity, but still there are many people who prefer wearing perfectly tailor made clothes. It is always recommended to get your clothes stitched if you are someone who is looking for a perfect fitting.

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One of the best online tailoring services in Bangalore

The most inseparable things for women are perfect fitted clothes which suit their personality and enhance their beauty. It is very difficult task to find the best tailor who fits in their choice. With the evolution of the time ready to wear industry has capture the tailor made clothes. Even though there are many websites working online these days. In old days, women used to have stitched their clothes from ladies tailor. With the advent of the readymade, industry tailoring made clothes are becoming disappeared. There was an era where women completely depend on tailors and used to guide them for hours about the clothes. There are many Tailors in Bangalore who provide the services of stitching. They are giving their services at the top notch.

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Some Sewing techniques that one should know about Online Stitching Services

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